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Monday, October 30, 2006

Clean Energy Could Create Thousands Of Good Jobs

As America's energy dependence rises as a centerpiece of the national political debate, the Apollo Alliance released two reports today documenting significant potential job gains from renewable power development in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The studies developed by the Renewable Energy Policy Project demonstrate that the right federal and state incentives could create 42,000 new jobs in Pennsylvania and 23,000 new jobs in Ohio related to manufacturing components for renewable energy projects, such as wind turbines and solar panels. In addition, thousands of firms in each state could benefit from the expanded manufacturing activity, says the Apollo Alliance, an organization dedicated to making clean energy production the next "Apollo project."

"The potential of an expanded renewable energy program will not only provide significant benefits to both Ohio and Pennsylvania, but to the nation," says Jerome Ringo, president of the Apollo Alliance. "By investing in alternative energy programs, we can end our dependence on foreign oil while also creating thousands of good, clean energy jobs here at home and re-invigorate the manufacturing sector."

The reports validate claims that renewable energy has the potential to create significant job gains, including in major industrial states hit hard in recent years by loss of manufacturing jobs. The reports also lay out maps that illustrate the industrial sites in each state where good manufacturing jobs could be created.

Electronic copies of the Pennsylvania and Ohio reports are at


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