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Thursday, October 26, 2006

OPINION: Save Bats This Halloween

Companies are apparently catching bats in the wild and killing them for sale as “art” in glass frames, with these items showing up on eBay.

One small bat, also known as the short-nosed fruit bat, is a major target of this cruel practice, according to an email received here at Life, The Universe ...

Opponents of this practice have created an online petition to put a stop to this practice.

"Bats already face severe threats due to habitat loss. Killing additional bats for personal collections only leads to further decline of wild bat populations," the email says.

"Fruit and nectar-eating bats are responsible for hundreds of economically important products including foods, drinks, medicines, timber, fibers, dyes and fuel," it adds. "Wild varieties of many of the world’s most economically valuable crop plants, such as bananas, rely on bats for survival. Insect eating bat species are natural enemies of night-flying pests that damage crops, reducing the need for chemical pesticides."

Seems to us like the perfect way to "treat" and not "trick" this Halloween.


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