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Friday, December 01, 2006

Adopt a Katrina Family for the Holidays

Businesses, families,organizations, and individuals are being invited to share their holiday spirit with families still struggling with the hardships caused by Hurricane Katrina last year.

Through donors are electronically matched with families and given their wish lists which include basic needs such as; blankets, school supplies, dishes, baby food or cleaning supplies. And if their kids could get one small toy, it would mean so much. Without help, many of these families will have bleak holidays.

The Adopt-a-Katrina-Family Project's Web site( is helping meet the needs of Katrina survivors without hassles or long lines. The site instantaneously matches a donor's goodwill with a family's immediate need. The concept for is simple: one family helping another.

Those who wish to offer assistance, as well as those in need, cansimply register at The site easily matches the requests made by Katrina survivors with an appropriate donor, thenfacilitates contact between the two. The Adopt-a-Katrina-Family Project also follows-up with both parties to ensure the match is working and the needs are being met.

Ten days after Katrina struck, businessman Mark McLaughlin commissioned and funded the Adopt-a-Katrina-Family Project because, like most Americans, he was frustrated that help was not reaching those in need.

"Our site is unique because it makes people feel like they're really helping someone in need, and they are," says McLaughlin.

You can even read a survivor's personal story. "Some of the requests we've received are heartbreaking," says McLaughlin. "We have survivors whoare in need of items as small as cleaning supplies, baby formula or school supplies. They just need to get back on their feet, and most of them arenot in a position to wait for other help to come through. This site makes it possible to help people today."

A list of online suppliers is posted on the Web site to assist donors with easily filling a family's needs. If you are someone in need or if you want to provide relief, please register at more information.


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