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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Left, Right Coalition Joins To Simplify Tax Code

An alliance between Sens. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), Larry Craig (R-Idaho) and 15 organizations spanning the entire political spectrum today vowed to work together toward a Congressional debate over federal tax reform, centered around the principles outlined in the coalition's "Cleanse the Code" statement.

"Although we may disagree on the merits of a particular tax reform proposal (and each may have additional core standards for reform), we do agree that major reform -- much as we saw in 1986 -- is needed," the joint statement notes.

The Cleanse the Code effort was conceived by Wyden, who reached out to liberal and conservative organizations with a long history of involvement in tax issues, some of whom participated in the 1986 tax reform campaign that broadened the base of the income tax while lowering and simplifying rates.

The signatories ranged from the Progressive Policy Institute to the American Conservative Union, from the National Taxpayers Union to Citizens for Tax Justice, from the Taxpayers for Common Sense to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. All of the groups rallied around three principles that will "provide guidance for debate as we move forward with a substantial revision to the U.S. Tax Code":

-- Simplification, Transparency and Certainty.
"Most taxpayers should be able to calculate their taxes on a single form or no form at all, and in most cases by themselves, with a few hours or less of preparation. ... A more transparent tax code would make it easier for individuals and businesses to pay the taxes that they owe, and for the IRS to help them comply with their obligations under the Tax Code."

-- Opportunity for All Americans to Get Ahead.
"All Americans deserve a fair tax system that gives them a chance to get ahead in a marketplace economy. A Tax Code riddled with loopholes is not fair. Any reform effort needs to ... ensure that special preferences are not given to the few at the expense of the many."

-- Fiscal Responsibility.
"(O)ver the long-term the amount of revenue government collects and spends cannot be determined independently from each other. As a result of this interplay of revenue and spending, the goal of tax reform must be pursued in a fiscally responsible manner."

National Taxpayers Union President John Berthoud, whose organization was part of the team that assembled the coalition and statement, says that he was encouraged by the early, bipartisan progress that has been made toward deciding the future of the tax code in 2007.

"Each of our coalition members has a different vision over what our tax system should look like," Berthoud adds. "But thanks to Cleanse the Code, lawmakers from both parties must now recognize that fundamental tax reform is an ideal shared by taxpayers left and right."


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