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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bands, Record Labels Come Together for Digital Music Freedom

More than 50 new bands have joined with a number of record labels to promote fair access to digital music and other content under the umbrella of The Digital Freedom Campaign.

Sites like Napster, Kazaa and others have raised questions on legal and fair consumer access to digital music and other creative content, including lawsuits from record labels and others against online music and other content sites.

The Digital Freedom Campaign says its mission is to ensure that all Americans enjoy new digital technologies free of unnecessary government restrictions and costly lawsuits that restrict consumers' ability to use lawfully acquired content on digital devices.

Where labels and some creative types have sided with restrictions, others are coming out on the side of less restriction.

"As soon as we heard about this campaign, we immediately signed on," says Chris Kienel of indie band, The District. "For the 99.5 % of the artists out there trying to make it, new technologies have liberated us and we need to protect our ability to use them to reach our fans."

The bands involved in the digital music campaign cut across genres, including rock, hip-hop, alternative, country and others. Record labels involved include Sarathan, Yep Roc, Nobility and Interloop.

They see new technologies as ways not only to distribute digital music and other content but to create new revenue sources as well. "You have to remember that these technologies are not onlyhelping the bands get out there, but they also open up new opportunitiesfor the record industry as well," says Al Delaney, of Internet radio and online distributor OutboundMusic. "We all better adapt or get out ofthe way."

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