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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Web Site Launches 'Independents for Obama', a grassroots movement encouraging a 2008 presidential run by U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), announced today that it has launched a national group called "Independents for Obama" in response to the strong support received for its
effort from independent voters, according to operators of the site.

The move comes in response to growing calls on the group's website to acknowledge the significant support of non-party affiliated voters for a presidential run by Obama, the organizers say.

"As an independent voter," says Seth Tobey, leader of's Independents for Obama, "I think it's important to make sure our next president can rise above the typical DC ways of doing business. Barack Obama is the clear choice for changing the way things happen, and for the better. He gives me hope that we can transcend typical cross-party bickering and actually bring people together to work things out."

Ben Stanfield, founder of, adds, "Although the leadership team of is comprised solely of Democrats and the 2007 Democratic primaries will be decided by Democrats, we felt it important to recognize the growing presence within our camp of independent voters. Like many of us, these voters -- who represent up to a third of the electorate -- are drawn to Senator Obama's pursuit of a truly American Agenda and a rejection of the politics of division and rancor."

"I wanted to give my fellow independents who back a run by Senator Obama a forum for expressing their support," adds Tobey. "We hope it gives independents the encouragement they need to become involved in an eventual Obama campaign should he choose to run."

The announcement of's Iowa-Based Independents for Obama comes the day after the group aired the first television ad of the 2008 presidential race, entitled "Believe Again," on Iowa NBC, ABC and CBS affiliates. The group has also shown the ad in New Hampshire, Washington, D.C., and Hawaii, where Senator Obama spent the last two weeks reportedly deciding whether to seek the presidency. Last week, a Survey2000 poll of Iowa voters found Obama tied at the top of the Democratic presidential candidates' list, a showing nearly twice the support of the nearest
competitor. says it is grassroots organization supporting a presidential run
by Senator Barack Obama. The movement, spearheaded by a growing collection of volunteers from around the country, has quickly grown from a single web page created by Stanfield, a computer technician in Rockville, Md., to a national organization with thousands of petition signers and hundreds of volunteers in every state and the District of Columbia.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nod. I thought I'd give you the link.

I think he can be the type of politician we haven't had in a while...a true leader who is willing to put aside partison beliefs if it means getting something done for the American people.

4:30 PM  
Blogger Scott Nance said...

Thanks for the link, Seth. I hope he runs. I appreciate his inclusionary way of talking about things.

2:06 AM  

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