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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dr. Bunn, a Different Sort of Dentist

I love my dentist. He treats me as a patient and as a person -- not a case to manage. He talks to me my dental condition and he works hard to make sure I'm comfortable. When I had trouble with the x-ray devices in my mouth he sent me to another office to make sure I could use a different x-ray that would be more comfortable.

Dr. Steven T. Bunn at Hayfield Dental Care is the same sort of dentist. Visit his website and you'll see for yourself. He believes respect is earned -- it doesn't come just because he wears a white coat. He believes in making a positive difference in the lives of his patients.

He believes that the quality of the experience you have in the office will have lasting effects on your dental health and your overall attitudes toward health care.

Dr. Bunn lists as his top influences on his health care philosophy as his own dentist and his peditrician growing up. A dentist that has holds a mindset influenced by a pediatrician -- that's pretty reassuring!

Hayfield Dental Care offers general, family and cosmetic dentistry and employs a full time specialist in orthodontics. Orthodontic consultations are provided at no charge for both children and adults.

Since opening in 1987, Hayfield has treated more than 23,000 patients in Alexandria, Va., and the surrounding region. Hayfield is open to new patients and emergencies.

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