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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Scales For The 21st Century

If you're still weighing items on a rickety, old-fashioned kitchen scale, you're out of date. sells a wide variety of Digital Scales.

Reliable, accurate, and discount priced, the digital scales sold by come in a variety of styles to satisfy any needs. You can find all four colors of Palmscale 6.0 digital pocket scales, as well as kitchen, counting, bathroom, and shipping scales. All of the My Weigh scales sold by ScalesEtc. are covered by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. The Jennings scales have a long, 20-year warranty.

ScalesEtc is backed by Marilynn Ferguson’s more-than-20-years of retailing experience and infused with her passion for providing good service, good prices, and quality products.

You can buy the latest digital scale for as little as $20! The Proscale Moderno Glass Bathroom Scale lists for less than $40.

Whether you need a digital scale for the kitchen, bathroom or for postal needs, has all you could want. They even offer digital fish scales.

Join the digital revolution today!

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