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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Help Other Parents Find The Best Baby Products

Are you a mom or dad and feel strongly about a baby product you've purchased for your child? Was it a product that exceeded your expectations? Or maybe you were really disappointed in it and you regret the purchase.

Perhaps you purchased a stroller that was particularly easy to maneuver or a playpen that was really hard to set up.

Either way, now you can help steer other parents of babies the right way towards good products and away from the duds. You can join all of the other parents on the website, which features user-generated reviews on thousands of baby products and their manufacturers. The idea is that amplifies mom-and-dad word-of-mouth worldwide.

You know that parents out there are often bombared by ads and competing claims. Now you can help other moms and dads cut through that clutter by adding your thoughts to

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