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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Plan Your Trip To Spain

If you haven't considered a trip to Spain, you are missing a varied experience, from white sandy beaches and the Canary Islands, to rugged landscapes and of course the history, culture and cities.

To start with, check out making acommodations at spain hotels.

For instance, Barcelona is one of Spain's most famous and historic cities. It's home to the architecture of Antoni Gaudi. Inspired by nature, and adorned by brightly colored tiles, Gaudi's designs are world-famous. Perhaps his best known work is the La Sagrada Familia. You would be able to stay in the midst of these grand designs if you were to stay in one of the barcelona hotels.

Alicante is a lesser-known Spanish destination, but as home to the the breathtaking Castle of Santa Barbara, it should be on your itinerary. Add a stay to one of the alicante hotels to your trip.

Finally, another less-renowned Spanish cities is that of Benidorm. Originally founded by the Arabs, this once fishing haven today is a lush, almost tropical respite on the Mediterranean. In fact, Benidorm means laughter and merriment. You'll just feel your cares melt away as you stay in one of the relaxing benidorm hotels.

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