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Friday, December 28, 2007

Martial Arts Training Endorsed By Experts

Have you been interested in martial arts? Are you looking for a means to protect yourself and your family if the situation demands it?

Visit this website for more information on a training program on Close Combat Training.

A variety of security officers and experts have taken part and offer their endorsement of this program that bills itself as The Truth About Martial Arts.

Burl Willardson, a U.S. Army recruiter, says, "Both your materials and intense desire to make sure people can defend themselves when placed in life or death situations continue to impress me."

Lt. Fred Leland, of the Walpole, Massachusetts, Police Department, says, "I just received your ABC video series and sir I have to say, I have been a law enforcement officer and trainer for 21 years and I am a former Marine Corps Grunt. I have never seen such an outstanding, well put together program and I am only 2 DVD in to it. Sir your knowledge and way of delivering it is outstanding... . I'm going to make sure the officers up here in Massachusetts hear about your program. I have to make a special effort to come train with you at one of your seminars. The techniques you teach have been tested in real combat, it's simple and it works. ABC gets it done!"

But if you thought Captain Chris' Close Combat training was for professionals only, pay attention to what Jenika Uygur, of Sterling, Virginia, had to say: "I didn't have to go to some class for months on end... I had him under my control within seconds!"

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