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Thursday, December 20, 2007

An Online MBA For Those Who Could Use It Best

It seems ironic that it's often the case that those who could use an MBA degree the most are those who can least afford to take the time to earn one. Executives and those who aspire to that position could certainly use that advanced degree but the demands of their jobs often keep them from being able to commit to a program.

That's why an mba online could be an attractive option. Capella University has geared its online MBA program to developing those skills and the knowledge that upwardly mobile professionals need most.

Capella University could make your MBA happen just as this accredited online university has opened a door to thousands of others seeking an advanced degree.

That was the case for Teresa Chaulk, a PhD student at Capella who was named earlier this year the superintendent of Lincoln County School District Number One in Wyoming. “It really is a wonderful opportunity to have a reputable online degree program for people like me who are working full time and who would not be able to pursue a PhD otherwise,” Chaulk said.

Nearly 85 percent of Capella’s students are pursuing master’s or PhD degrees.

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