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Monday, March 03, 2008

The Art of the Toaster Oven

Believe it or not, even in this high-tech age the toaster oven in my kitchen is one of the most well-used appliances. My young daughter loves bagels and we use our toaster oven to toast her bagels for her.

As simple as a toaster oven seems, however, it can be tricky. It's often hard to get the bagels just right -- either they are underdone or a little too crispy, if you know what I mean. But my daughter hardly ever complains.

Toaster ovens are becoming more complex devices, though, and can accommodate up to eight slices. Convection ovens are apparently becoming more standard combined with a toaster oven, according to reviews on

Whether you are looking for the latest toaster-technology or just looking for something to heat up your bagels in the morning, check out

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