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Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Question Of Surveillance

Surveillance through a nanny camera in and of itself shouldn't be controversial. With all of the questions of what could happen to a child these days, a nanny camera should be a basic tool for child welfare.

Indeed, a legitimate childcare provider should actually welcome the presence of a nanny camera. With all of the false allegations of child abuse and child sex abuse we hear of in the news these days, the easiest way to refute such a false allegation would be for the accused provider simply to say, "Roll tape."

The questions of ethics revolve more around what would become of the recordings from such a camera, and certainly, there should be regulation where that is concerned. And, clearly, a caregiver should know he or she is being recorded -- although that caregiver should not necessarily know where the camera is placed.

The bottom line is that in this post-9/11 world surveillance is kind of a given at this point. As I said, it becomes a question of how that surveillance is used.

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