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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Find The Best Luggage, Buy It Online

Some people may say, "Well, luggage is just luggage. It doesn't matter what kind or brand I buy."

Those people obviously don't travel much, because, if you are like me, of course it matters.

You want luggage that stands up to the weather -- not to mention airline baggage handlers and all of their conveyor belts. Too often cheap or bad luggage just starts falling apart right when you really start using it. Plus, you want luggage that fits your needs and convenience.

That's why the ShopWiki site is so helpful, because it offers a useful luggage buying guide. From there, you can find the right luggage, from carry on bags, to standard upright luggage, including name brands like Samsonite. And because it's ShopWiki, you get the selection of the entire Internet -- not just those manufacturers who have paid for placement.

My wife has this one bag she's had since before we are married, and it just drives me batty every time we use it. Yes, it has many pouches and compartments but it also has just as many zippers. I can never see or keep track of where I am unzipping and I can never just unzip the pouch I want. It makes me very frustrated. Other than serving as a good lesson in patience, it's not the bag for me.

So let that story be your guide and select the right luggage for you. The ShopWiki site has resources to help you make the right purchase for you.

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