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Friday, October 03, 2008

You Need To Think About Your Next Trade Show Exhibit

As a working journalist, I've been to more than my share of trade shows in my time. I've covered and attended computer trade shows, military/defense trade shows, energy trade shows and more.

I always love, and am fascinated by, all of the different trade show exhibits at these various events.

Long gone are the days where it was good enough to have a simple booth to give away cute freebies and collect business cards of potential customers.

A good trade show exhibit today has to catch people's attention in some way, to make people want to stop, and then it has to be functional to tell a company's story -- but to do it in a way that enables individuals to have conversations. That means it has have some element where you are comfortable -- and where it is at least relatively quiet -- to have a meaningful conversation that builds upon the reason why you are at the trade show in the first place: to snag a new customer, pitch an investor, or give an interview to a reporter covering the show.

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