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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Immediate Help To Move Toward Recovery

Addiction is crippling, and it can even more so if an addict or their loved ones don't have information and support to move toward recovery.

That's where the Internet, and its community, can be a benefit to begin drug treatment and drug rehabilitation.

The website available through these links here is an extensive community and resource for addiction treatment, including sex addiction and eating disorders. Find out, for instance, if you or your loved one is actually an addict.

The community includes blogging and live online chat to immediately get information and support. From there, you can find treatment centers in your state and get the resources you need in a positive environment. The site has a searchable directory of more than 8,000 drug rehab centers and related programs.

The site is directed by a specific privacy and terms of use policy for your protection.

Ultimately, a patient needs to talk about these issues with a physician, but this website is a place to start from.

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