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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Student Loans During The Credit Crunch

During this time of ongoing recession and the bad economy, among the people I feel for the most are college students and recent college graduates.

For those just out of college, trying to get their first professional job, this time can be discouraging. It is unfortunate.

And, of course, Student Loans are caught up in this credit crisis we hear about and experience. It's not just people's credit cards that are affected. People who got Private Student Loans last year -- and rely on those funds -- to attend a college or university, they may not be able to get those same loans this year. It's sad that these promising students must then defer their educations due to circumstances so out of their control.

If you or your children find yourself in this situation, and at a loss for how you will obtain ongoing College Loans, click on these links above to see if these online programs can help.

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