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Friday, April 03, 2009

Using Social Networking To Advance Education

Are you a student who uses social network sites like Facebook as a means to procrastinate from doing your school work?

Now you can actually use social networking to help your school work and advance your education.

Say, for example, you're taking the University of Colorado SOCY 4461 class. You can now use the Web to find study guides and other helpful documents from the class.

That's what Class Hero is all about, as a Facebook application partner. Use it to gain some helpful background and perspective if you need to write a Sociology Essay, for instance.

Of course, you should not use Class Hero -- or any tool -- to plagiarize or cheat. Use these tools as assistance, but make your work your own. Plus, if you've heard about Class Hero and sites like it, chances are your instructors have, too, and are prepared.

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