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Friday, May 08, 2009

Promotional Giveways Get Attention In Recession

If you thought people loved free stuff before, well, just see how much they love it during a recession.

The down economy is a great time to really get people to notice your promotional giveaways that promote your company -- if you do it right.

Even in a bad economy, you can't choose something cheap and meaningless, give it away, and expect a benefit for your company.

No, put some thought into it. Think about an item that both will be valued by those who receive it, and says something positive -- and meaningful -- about your firm. About 10 years ago, I was at a computing trade show in Portland, Ore., and it rained all week. Sun Microsystems was giving away unbrellas, and their giveaway became the talked about item at the show.

A choice of personalized tote bags is usually a good one. In today's hectic world, a good bag is treasured.

Plus, Promotional Tote Bags are a great way for many people to see your company name and logo, long after the bag is given away. I see people on the train regularly carrying bags they received at trade shows stamped with the year 2004 or earlier. (As I said, people treasure a good, useful bag.)

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