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Friday, May 22, 2009

A Resort Known By Its Amenities

I admit it: I don't like to do much of anything on vacation -- except relax.

I just to like to rest up, which is why the amenities at this Myrtle Beach Resort are so exciting. This Resort in Myrtle Beach has not just one pool -- it boasts three pools, two "lazy rivers" (lazy sounds awfully nice right about now), and five hot tubs.

As well, there is a lounge, restaurant, fitness room and more -- all of the things to do in the hotel just to relax and spend some restful time. I didn't even mention the oceanfront views.

Plus, of course, if you actually want to do something on vacation, this Oceanfront Hotel Myrtle Beach has that, too -- easy access to all of the golf courses and other attractions in the Myrtle Beach region.

You go golfing. I think I'll just sit by the pool and take a nap.

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