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Monday, July 13, 2009

Zappo's Takes Last Bit of Inconvenience From Online Clothes Shopping

At this point, we probably all know the many advantages these days of buying clothes online: buy any time of the day or night, order right from your home, plus all of the selection the entire Internet has to offer.

And, yes, your new clothing arrives right at your door. Still, though, there always has been one down side: you can't try it on to check its fit until after you've ordered it and it arrives.

Certainly, in most cases, you can return that dress or skirt that doesn't quite fit the way you pictured it from your computer screen. But that becomes a game of "beat the clock" because you usually have to find time in your busy schedule to box it all back up and get it back to the point of sale during a narrow window in which returns are accepted.

Zappo's changes all of that. No, you still can't try the clothes on first. But what you do get is their unique 365-day return policy. That's a whole year to get the items back. That takes a lot of pressure off, doesn't it? Plus, you get free shipping both ways.

Click on the links here to start browsing Zappo's today, for men, women and children.

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