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Saturday, August 01, 2009

For Music Students And More, A Virtual Orchestra

Whether you're a dedicated music student or anyone who would like a quality performance of a piece of music, you now have a virtual orchestra at your disposal -- for a fraction of what an actual orchestra costs.

Unlike MIDI systems which still often still sounds like "computerized music," Ravel Virtual Studios uses the best of sample libraries to create a performance of any piece of music. Ravel's mission is to help musicians who don't have immediate access to live musicians.

It's services are aimed at students, educators, or any serious music composer, for that matter. You keep the rights to your music, and with student discounts and such, you'll find Ravel Virtual Studios' services to be more affordable than you might first think.

If you've ever wanted a serious, quality performance of a piece of music you've put your heart into, and traditional computerized performances never did it justice, click the links above to be pleasantly surprised what Ravel Virtual Studios could do for you.

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