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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Make Your 401k Golden

That many folks have seen their 401k's and other retirement accounts shrink over the last year as the economy has gone into meltdown is not news.

But did you know that if you put $25,000 in a gold IRA or gold 401k in 2000, rather than come away with less in 2009 -- you would have accumulated a worth of $103,457?

That's because unlike stocks, gold usually flourishes in the hard times -- which is why gold has been called the "crisis commodity."

You are probably like me though, I didn't even know how to put gold in my IRA -- or even that I could. It's true. The federal government allows Gold American Eagle and Gold proof American Eagle coins in IRA accounts.

But click these links here to finally learn how to put gold in an IRA, even right alongside stocks, mutual funds and other more traditional investments for even more diversification.

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