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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Slow PC? Try This Scan

My laptop runs very slowly. I've tried all manner of different scans and diagnostics, on the hard disk and other components -- with very little improvement.

I've been kind of at a loss, and have really just learned to live with it -- until now.

I've now learned about a free registry cleaner that starts with a quick scan to see if the problem could be that I need a clean registry on my computer. I know what you're asking yourself now, "What is my registry?"

Most of us have never heard of it, but the windows registry is part of the operating system that sits deep in Windows and basically is a database of all of the options and settings on your computer. Apparently, like your hard disk and other components, your registry needs occasion tidying up.

Want to know more? Click on these links here to learn more and start your scan.

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