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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hastert Reacts To Democratic Takeover

U.S. Rep. Dennis Hastert, the Republican who has served as speaker of the House of Representatives, in January will turn his gavel over to Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California now that Democrats have a majority in the House for the first time in a dozen years.

"As a former wrestling coach, I know what it is like when your team takes second place in the state tournament. It hurts. And so it is with politics," he says.

"This morning I called Nancy Pelosi to congratulate her. At the beginning of the next Congress she will make history as the first female Speaker of the House. Her achievement follows from a lot of hard work and determination, and I respect that," he says.

"Now that the Democrats have won the House, they have a huge responsibility to help govern this nation. We are at war, and what is at stake goes to the very nature of our democracy. We can and should have a vigorous debate about how we conduct the war. But that debate must rest on a mutual understanding that our enemy is ruthless and seeks to destroy our way of life, and that we must ultimately be victorious in this battle," Hastert continues.

"Likewise, the Democrats now have a responsibility to work with our president to provide homeland security -- and to ensure a continuation of the economic prosperity that has improved the lives of so many working Americans," he adds.

Hastert also says he will not seek a a leadership role in the GOP minority in the new Congress.

"I will not seek this role, but will support our leader to the best of my ability as I return to the full-time task of representing the people of the 14th district of Illinois who have honored me 11 times with the privilege of serving them in the House of Representatives," he says.


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