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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

TSA Sets Fee for Registered Traveler Program

The U.S. Transportation SecurityAdministration (TSA) has issued its notice on the standard fee amount forthe Registered Traveler (RT) Program in the Federal Register.

The RT program is comprised of two fees, one for private industry and one for TSA. TSA's portion is $28 and will cover the cost of completing a securitythreat assessment for each applicant and program management expenses.

"TSA appreciates private industry's enthusiasm for the Registered Traveler program," says Kip Hawley, TSA administrator. "Now that thegovernment deliverables are complete, TSA is set to support the program once airports are ready to initiate it."

Passengers will be enrolled in the program and issued an RT card as airports begin to offer the program. The timeframe for enrollment and verification is driven strictly by private sector providers.

Registration in the program is aimed at enabling enrolled passenger the ability to get through airpotr security screening faster than non-enrolled passengers.

Passengers choosing to join the RT program will submit limited biographic information coupled with a biometric identifier. TSA will conduct a security threat assessment on applicants to determine program eligibility. Fee collection and RT card issuance is the responsibility of the private sector enrollment provider.

TSA is working with five airports and one air carrier to begin enrollment and verification. Approximately 20 airports have expressed interest in offering the program to travelers.

RT is a fully-fee funded, private sector program that is facilitated by the federal government. TSA will not compromise security, or adversely impact travelers who do not participate in the RT program, the agency says.


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