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Monday, December 18, 2006

'White House Chronicle,' A Window On a Different Sort of Washington

I love Washington. I really do.

Most see it as a den of mean-spiritedness and haven to politicians who would rather bicker than anything else.

And it is that. But it is also so much more.

Working as I did, for years, just blocks from the White House, I had a chance to see up-close a different sort of nation's capital full of interesting people doing interesting things. These are thoughtful folks, from both parties, by the way, who have ideas and a desire to improve their nation and their world.

Don't believe this "other Washington" truly exists? Watch White House Chronicle, hosted by Llewellyn King and Linda Gasparello. You'll see.

It will become your delightful weekly window to a more optimistic view of Washington and the world.

Full disclosure: I had the pleasure and priviledge of spending most of my joyful Washington career working for Llewellyn and with Linda. But don't believe my recommendation is based on employment; I haven't worked for him for many months.

At this point I have no motivation to commend Linda, Llewellyn and their unique program other than personal love and admiration for these two, who embody the word thoughtfulness -- in all its connotations.

A native of southern Africa, Llewellyn made his mark in Britain, on Fleet Street and the BBC, before coming to the U.S. to become a successful Washington columnist and publisher. Linda is as likewise smart and fascinating, as she spent many years in the Middle East and speaks five languages.

It's not their biographies or resumes that make them or their TV show so delightful and compelling -- it is their spirit. Theirs is a spirit that cannot be adequately described, but best experienced first hand.

White House Chronicle is somewhat erroneously named as the show uses the presidency only as a jumping off point to talk about everyone and everything. Their topics range from the wisdom of giving of underwear to the homeless, to a new electric car, to an interview with the author of a new spy novel.

It was my joy to come to work everyday for no other reason to spend time with these wonderful -- thoughtful -- people. Watching White House Chronicle, it's a joy you and I can now share.

Try it. You'll find it 30 minutes entirely well-spent.

You can find White House Chronicle on PBS, cable access channels, online and elsewhere.

Bookmark and drop back in sometime.

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