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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Instant Panel Rates Bush's Speech

When surveyed immediately after Tuesday night's State of the Union address, 82% of those who watched the speech approved of President Bush's proposals, but 68% say they
doubt the President will be able to accomplish all of his goals; both percentages are on a par with results from the same survey last year.

These are among the findings of a CBS News/Knowledge Networks poll based on a scientific sample of television viewers of the event. CBS News has featured the survey results -- which were obtained using Knowledge Networks' KnowledgePanel --in its Web coverage of President Bush's address.

The scientific poll uniquely supports an analysis of the impact of President Bush's address on the opinions of viewers, who indicated that:

-- 59% believe that President Bush and the Democratic Congress will not be able to work together on a bipartisan agenda
-- 16% say President Bush's Iraq strategy is "very likely" to be effective, while 42% say it is "somewhat likely to succeed"
-- 67% feel President Bush will make the right decisions about energy conservation, and 56% are in agreement with his handling of immigration

Perceptions of Republicans and Democrats were quite different on many key points; while 52% of Republicans said President Bush would be able to achieve all of the goals in his speech, just 17% of Democrats concurred.

Similarly, 30% of Republicans said Bush's Iraq strategy was "very likely to succeed," compared to just 6% of Democrats. Further, Democrats and independents were less likely than Republicans to think that President Bush will make the right decisions about U.S. energy conservation and consumption; proportions were 50% (Democrats), 63% (independents), and 88% (Republicans).

To obtain a valid assessment of reactions to the address, a random sample of the nationwide online research panel, KnowledgePanel, was asked in the few days before the speech about their intentions to view and their opinions on national policy. Those intending to view the President's
speech were invited to provide their opinions immediately after the address, with survey results delivered to CBS News in less than 15 minutes.

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