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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

AKC Polls 21st Century Dog Owners

Not surprisingly, 99% of owners surveyed stated the reason they own a dog is for companionship. And 88% of dog owners surveyed regard their dog as a beloved family member.

These are just a couple of results from the first-ever AKC 21st Century Dog Owners Study, focusing on the behaviors, attitudes and purchasing habits of dog owners.

"The study reveals that dog ownership heavily influences both lifestyle and purchasing habits. We found that owners consider their best friends 47% of the time when buying a car," says AKC spokeswoman Lisa Peterson. "And when it comes to toys, two out of three owners purchased an average of 9.3 balls for their dogs to play with in the past 12 months."

Highlights from the study include:

-- When asked about the benefits of dog ownership, 72% of owners credited their four-legged best friends with enhancing their own personal health.

-- Over half (51%) of dog owners surveyed stated that their dogs affect how they spend their leisure time.

-- The top activity enjoyed by dog owners is a good old-fashioned walk. Almost half (48%) declared that they enjoy leisurely strolls with their four legged best friends.

-- Owning a dog provides natural entertainment for the family, and watching a dog show on TV is very popular

-- 87% of dog owners say they enjoy watching dog shows.

-- Good fences make good neighbors -- and safe pets. Nearly two thirds of owners fence their yards to contain their pets in various ways, affirming their commitment to responsible dog ownership.

-- Most owners enjoy their canine companions as household pets, and almost half (48%) have owned a dog for 20 years or more.

-- Four out of 10 dog owners have made arrangements for their dogs in the event that they pass away before their dog does. Over half (67%) of respondents felt that the most common drawback against owning a dog is the potential for feeling sad when the dog dies.

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Blogger Paris David said...

Hey, they forgot to poll me about my beloved Rottie, Xena.

I'm a big dog lover!

12:03 AM  

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