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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Commercial and Residential Window Tinting

We all see them -- residential and commercial buildings with tinted windows.

On a sunny day, buildings with tinted windows just seem a little cooler -- and they also seem a little more secure. And those inside a tinted-window building enjoy the benefits of sunshine with none of the hassle. No more sun-glare!

Few places is the sun more of an issue than in San Diego. So contact SunPro Glass Tinting for your san diego glass tint.

SunPro Glass Tinting a subsidiary of Encinitas Glass Company, Inc. specializes in residential and commercial solar control, anti graffiti, safety and security window film sales and installation. SunPro features Hüper Optik Smart Window Films.

These patented window films are nearly invisible on glass, allowing you to keep the natural tones of your home with low reflectivity levels. Hüper Optik Nano-Ceramic Window Films are proven to block up to 70% of the heat that radiates through your windows, making conventional dyed and reflective films obsolete.

These Nano-Ceramic films also reject up to 84% of the damaging infrared rays that cause heat and 99.9% ultraviolet light rays that cause fading. All of this is done without significantly reducing visible light transmittance.

Lower your energy bills, increase your privacy and security -- even save furniture fade. Contact SunPro Glass Tinting today. They even SunPro guarantees that their window products will conform to the stated manufacture's warranty specifications without cracking, demetalizing, peeling or delaminating.

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