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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Flip Floppin' Fundraising

Greeting cards don't work anymore and people are getting bored with the same old pizzas?

Then it's time for some new School fundraising ideas.

You need Bagus Custom and their custom imprinted flip flops. Made in your school colors and with your school name, mascot, or logo imprinted or embroidered on the flip flops, no one can resist the school spirit these sensational shoes offer!

Bagus offers several styles and colors to choose from.

Let Bagus do for your elementary, middle or high school what they've done for the X Games, McDonalds, Marriot Resorts, Surf Ride Boardshops, ESPN, Toyota, Necker Island Resort, Calvin Klein, Miami Heat, Baltimore Ravens. Bagus has enhanced the images of all of them with custom footwear.

No need to worry about sizes -- Bagus sandals come in regular shoe sizes, children through adult, or can be ordered in small, medium, and large sizes. Take your first "step" toward your next school fundraiser today!

This was a sponsored post.

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