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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Education, Lotto Sites Gain on Web in August

Education-related sites had a strong presence in this month's rankings as schools and universities across the country began another academic year. August also saw traffic increases to lotto/sweepstakes sites as lottery jackpots reached near record highs. Humor sites gained on the strength of Comedy Central's spike in traffic, and sports/outdoor retail sites grew in anticipation of the fall sports season.

That's according to a monthly analysis of U.S. consumer activity at top online properties for August released by comScore Media Metrix.

With students and teachers heading back to the classroom in late August, education sites experienced strong growth for the month. The training and education category grew 15 percent to more than 12 million visitors, making it the top gaining category for the month. College resource site Fastweb led the category with 2.5 million visitors (up 13 percent), followed by The College Board with nearly 1.9 million visitors (up 12 percent) and Nellnet, Inc., an education planning and financing
company, with 1.4 million visitors (up 11 percent). The education information category increased 8 percent to more than 63 million visitors, as Sites led the category with 11.8 million visitors, followed by (9.3 million visitors) and Pearson Education (8.6 million visitors).

Multi-state lotteries Mega Millions and Powerball both reached massive jackpots in August causing lotto/sweepstakes sites to rise 8 percent to more than 31 million visitors for the month. surged to 2.3 million visitors (up 123 percent), while saw its traffic swell to 1.1 million (up 100 percent).

The humor category grew 8 percent in August, reaching more than 30 million Americans. The increase was largely propelled by gains at Comedy Central from its "Indecision 2008" coverage. National Lampoon Humor Network led the category with 5.6 million visitors, followed by Comedy Central with nearly 5 million visitors (up 105 percent) and Jokeroo Entertainment Inc.
with nearly 3 million visitors (up 37 percent).

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