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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Survey Finds Three-Quarters of Americans Celebrate - and Spend on - Halloween

A new survey released by Visa Inc. shows that seventy three percent of Americans celebrate -- and spend on -- Halloween. According to the survey, among those who celebrate Halloween, the average will spend $40 on candy and decorations. Parents with children under 18 will spend $54 on candy and decorations while those without children under 18 will spend $32. Of mention, Dads tend to go all out, spending $63, while moms are more conservative, spending $46.

"You wouldn't think you'd have to budget for something as 'fun' as Halloween. But I believe all expenditures, large and small, are better planned for in advance," said personal finance expert and best-selling author Jean Chatzky. "Whether you are buying candy or a car, planning a
budget is critical to staying in overall good financial health."

Additional findings in the survey include:

  • Men ($46) who celebrate Halloween report spending $12 more than
    women ($34).
  • Younger people ($44) say they spend more than those 55 and over
  • Those who live in rural areas ($49) spend $10 more on average than
    people living in urban areas ($39) and $13 more than suburbanites ($36).

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