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Monday, December 31, 2007

Hotel Deals On The Emerald Isle

As you consider your vacation plans for the coming year, consider a trip to Ireland. Whatever your own ancestry, Ireland has much to offer.

It might be easier to plan a getaway to this ancient and fun nation with the deals you can find for deals on Ireland Hotels.

Dublin is the capital of Ireland, but it is also so much more. The home of such diverse cultural influences as Oscar Wilde and the rock band U2, Dublin was named in a 2003 survey as Europe's best capital city and its most content city too. See how content you can be staying at Dublin Hotels. Dublin also has the distinction of being home to more than a total of a quarter of the Republic's population lives in the city's metropolitan area.

Despite Dublin's role, there is more to Ireland as well. Cork is another ancient city and today offers a variety of cultural and arts offerings, including the Midsummer Festival. The Festival is a month long gathering featuring theatre, music, art, poetry and much more, throughout the city. See how you can get involved in the Festival and how you can stay close to all of the happenings by finding accommodations at Cork Hotels.

Belfast, meanwhile, is a relatively under-discovered destination, but it also has its place in history. It is home to the shipyards where the Titanic was built, for example. Residents will greet you with a new sense of pride in this city and is home to many local pubs and taverns, as well as Belfast Hotels.

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