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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Turning The Ordinary, Extraordinary

Who thinks about helping something as common and utilitarian as your residential mailbox add beauty and value to your home?

That would be Ted Gaines, of Gaines Manufacturing. The company has been making Gaines Mailboxes which are designed to do just that, since 1991.

"I look at everything we do from a customer’s perspective," says Gaines. "I like things simple, so we do things like including a drill bit in every HouseMark package so the customer doesn’t have to find, or even worse, buy one. I also want quality, so we never compromise on materials, finish, or workmanship in anything we make. It’s our formula for doing business and it will never change."

You should look over the website, where varieties include the Gaines Classic Mailbox and the Gaines Pedestal Mailbox.

The success of Gaines has led to other similar product lines, such as Keystone Mailboxes.

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