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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Exhibition Firm Fights 20/20 Over 'Bodies' Allegations

An expected news report to be broadcast on the ABC newsmagazine TV series 20/20 on the exhibition titled "BODIES...The Exhibition" will feature inaccuracies, the firm putting the exhibit on counters.

"BODIES...The Exhibition" is designed to provide an educational look at human anatomy but 20/20 will allege not all of the specimens died of natural causes among other allegations, says Premier Exhibitions, Inc.

Premier Exhibitions, Inc. says it retains and utilizes a team of medical experts, comprised of an anatomist, a biological anthropologist, and a forensic pathologist, who as a matter of course, examine the specimens to ensure that they do not bear any evidence consistent with trauma, serious bodily injury, execution or torture. All of these specimens died of natural causes and despite extensive investigation, Premier says it has found no credible evidence to suggest otherwise. Independent medical evidence supports the sworn statements given to Premier by the supplier of the specimens, that all of the specimens died of natural causes, the firm adds. Sworn affidavits can be found on the Premier website, the firm says in a statement.

"Based on the documentary proof compiled by Premier, these sensational allegations are without any factual merit. Premier has repeatedly asked 20/20 to provide them with all documents in their possession related to this story, and at this time the program has refused to do so," Premier says in its statement. "Throughout the day, Premier has viewed inaccurate reports and interviews from 20/20's lead investigative reporter, Brian Ross, that are potentially damaging to Premier."

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