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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Get In On The Excitement of Wii

My 7-year-old daughter loves her Nintendo Wii game machine. I had sort of resisted getting her any video game system because it would just be one more screen to get involved in.

But the Nintendo Wii is different. Its motion sensor technology means she gets up and gets involved. Especially the sports game that comes with it. She loves bowling -- and baseball. In fact, playing Wii baseball got her set to play real baseball in her little league.

She got a High School Musical sing along game and it came with a microphone and she just gets up and starts singing along. It engages her activity and her mind and it has been a really positive experience.

Finding a Wii can be tough though (Santa came through for my little girl ;)), so these links through ShopWiki should be helpful in tracking one down to buy.

Plus, the ShopWiki site has a page to locate various Wii games.

If your kid wants a game system, try something different and consider the Nintendo Wii.

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