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Monday, June 09, 2008

Save Your Back -- Buy A Good Vacuum For Stairs

One of the world's greatest inventions might be vacuums for stairs. These vacuums for stairs are portable, lightweight guys that keep you from hauling that big monster up and down.

For those of us fearful of throwing out our backs, these vacuums for stairs can be a Godsend. But as lightweight as they are, are they really worth it if they don't get your floors clean.

That's why, before you head out to buy one of these items, check out Wize to see what other users of these products and the different brands and makes available have to say about them.

Do the portables really work? Are you better off with a larger model that is perhaps better to maneuver?

Wize users vote and post comments so you have some background information to go on before you buy.

In fact, Wize makes it easy by showing you the Top 10 vacuums right on the first page, with votes and features. The Top 10 includes some vacuums you'd expect, such as Dyson and Eureka, as well as the exotic like the Roomba.

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