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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Plan Your Vacation Wisely

Gas prices are passing $4 a gallon and other prices are starting to rise now, too. How can you fit a luxury like a nice family vacation into this kind of straining budget?

Plan your vacation wisely and you can have a really fun, relaxing vacation that seems like a luxury without spending luxury prices.

Planning your stay at a vacation rental, like Florida vacation rentals is one good approach. These types of rentals -- rather than a hotel -- can save you money. These rentals, such as exotic Florida Keys vacation rentals, offer nice amenities, but also probably have a kitchen. Stop by a local grocery. Enjoy local flavor without the hassle -- and cost -- of pricey restaurants.

The site through these links offer such rentals, often listed directly from the owner, saving middleman fees.

Say you get one of the listed Orlando vacation rentals, that will save you money that would probably be more enjoyably spent having some extra fun at Disney or the other theme parks there.

Plus, you'll probably be able to relax more and feel more at home at one of these rentals instead of a more-cramped hotel room.

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