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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Watch A Mitral Valve Surgery Online

The University of Maryland Medical Center has posted online a webcast of mitral valve surgery.

This webcast, and the rest of the information the UM website provides offers an opportunity to learn more about mitral valve repair and mitral valve replacement. It's a resource for everyone, really, whether you are a med student -- particularly the surgery webcast -- or whether your doctor has told you are experiencing leakage or narrowing of your mitral valve and are in need of care options.

Heart surgery can certainly give one apprehension, but the University of Maryland lays it out for you, and the university is a leader in such work, where more than 90 percent of patients have their valve repaired instead of replaced -- which is reported to be well above national averages.

In addition to the webcast, and a variety of informational links, you may email your questions directly to Dr. James Gammie, a mitral valve specialist at the university heart center.

Whether you live in Maryland, a nearby state or elsewhere, this is a valuable resource.

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