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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Driverside: A Comprehensive Car Site

Head out across the Internet, and you'll practically begin tripping over automotive and car-related websites -- websites from car magazine automakers' sites, blogs and many more.

That also means the car website segment is pretty much fragmented, which is where DriverSide comes in.

With its DriverSide Spotlight magazine-like content, reviews and many more tools and features all under one virtual roof, DriverSide seeks to be a one-stop shop for car consumers. No more searching and hunting for a site to find different components and offerings.

DriverSide is currently in Beta, and although it sports many of the features -- photos, reviews, forums, etc., -- that you might expect from an auto website, DriverSide offers compelling tools -- like you can get started on the site by entering your car's VIN number and seeing where that will take you.

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