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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Spinoff 2008 Highlights NASA Innovations in Everyday Life

The 2008 edition of NASA's annual Spinoff publication celebrates the agency's 50th anniversary and highlights 50 new examples of how NASA technology is being put to use in everyday life. This anniversary edition features a 50-year timeline of NASA-derived technologies from historical programs and projects, and a summary of award-winning NASA technologies included in Spinoff over the years.

Spinoff 2008 lists many of the latest NASA innovations now in the commercial marketplace. These innovations have resulted in healthcare advances, transportation breakthroughs, public safety benefits, new consumer goods, environmental protection, computer technology and industrial productivity, the space agency says.

"The results of NASA research and technology are all around us, providing benefits to many aspects of our daily lives and well-being," says NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale.

Several examples of these benefits are described in Spinoff 2008, including:

- Advanced polymer coatings for implantable devices to help avert heart failure
- Robotic technology used for minimally invasive knee surgery
- Space suit-derived textiles to help protect firefighters and race car drivers
- Drag reduction research applied to record-breaking swimsuit development
- Astronaut food supplements in worldwide use to improve baby formula
- Carbon nanomesh technology applied to filtering safe drinking water
- Rocket engine valve technology reducing emissions for power generation.

Spinoff 2008 also profiles NASA research and development activities, education efforts, and partnership successes. The publication provides reference information and resources available through the agency's Innovative Partnerships Program.

NASA's Innovative Partnerships Program produces the NASA Spinoff series. The program fosters technology partnerships, commercialization and innovation in support of NASA's overall mission and national priorities, NASA says.

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