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Friday, December 19, 2008

Protect Your Furniture

During this festive season, many people will be entertaining and hosting holiday parties for friends and family. But when it comes time for your guests to arrive, do you worry about the potential accidents that can happen to your furniture -- scratches and spills? Do you have antique furniture that you really want to protect?

You could bring out some tableclothes and hope for the best. Or you could opt for a better and more elegant solution with table pads for your important pieces.

With its solid, lightweight fiberboard core, a table pad gently protects your table -- whether its a table for a dining room or conference room, a cocktail table or a buffet table. They also are attractive as they complement the look of your furniture, as well. The MagnaLoc system makes using your table pad easy and prevents sliding.

Buy your table pads and enjoy your guests worry-free.

The only question is: Why didn't we all hear about these table pads sooner?

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