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Friday, February 13, 2009

Online Stock Trading In A Bad Economy

For years now, companies and others have extolled the convenience of Online Trading in stocks and other securities. In this down economy, however, there are smart financial reasons to use an Online Broker, as well.

FirstTrade is such an online broker that enables Stock Trading over the Internet, and the site is now offering no minimum to start. That means you can start small, if you want.

Also, FirstTrade offers alternatives for investors looking to build their 401k or other retirement investment plans. And even if the economy is in turmoil today, you will need to think long-term about how to build financial security so that you can someday retire worry-free.

Click on one of the links to learn more, including an online tour of the FirstTrade website and its services. They advertise more than 10,000 mutual fund types so they may have something that suits you, even in this current risk-adverse environment.

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