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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Different Homes, Different Mailboxes

As I was traveling today to an appointment, I was driving along some very rural roads that also encompass some very affluent neighborhoods.

And as I was driving my route of 20 miles or so, I took the opportunity to look at the mailboxes at the homes along the way. You might think, a mailbox is a mail box, is a mailbox.

In truth, though, the mail boxes along the way were all very different. Many of the rural, farmhouse-type homes had very sturdy mailboxes, designed to last a long time and survive out in the elements. Many of the "mansion"-style homes had very decorative -- almost what you would call luxury -- mailboxes.

There are so many styles out there that suit different tastes, different neighborhoods, and different environments.

Have you ever thought about your mailbox? Are you sure you have the right one for you? You can click on the links above to check out a large variety of different mailboxes and see if there might be one that better suits your needs.

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