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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Connecting In A Social Network Based on Your Stuff

After a while of using a social network website, have you connected with so many friends -- and friends of friends -- that you start to hardly know many of the folks in your network?

Or do you have a passion for something -- a car like a Mustang, for instance -- or movies?

Then you could try Acobay, a new kind of social networking website. For instance, you could connect through the Auto network, or the Movie network -- or any of the other computer, gadget or "Anything" other networks out there on Acobay.

For all of the "technical" networks on various types and brands of computers, GPS systems, cameras and such, Acobay clearly is a techie heaven.

And, yet, there is a practical purpose there, for the rest of us. Say, for example, you own a Canon Powershot A40 camera. One day, either something goes wrong with your camera, or you just want some help with features you don't totally understand.

Even today on the Web, you could surf for hours and be frustrated by finding FAQs that are of no help -- and not connecting with anything substantial to help you answer your questions.

But with Acobay, you will have already made a connection -- and found a network of people -- with already some experience and expertise to help meet your needs. And, you can help others in a similar way through Acobay.

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