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Monday, May 25, 2009

Website Brings You Unique, Local Boutique

Too many of our towns have been overrun by the sameness of "big box" stores -- one store sells all of the identical imported wares as the next. These chain stores have pushed aside too many of the cute, small shops that used to be.

Fortunately, a few towns -- and a few local stores -- have seemed to missed this sad trend. Often these towns and stores are small, quaint, often tourist-friendly places. If you walk the sidewalks, you'll still encounter many of the locally owned family shops you have if you had been strolling by years, or even decades, earlier.

Such is the case with Lou Lou's Corner -- a shop in downtown Hickory, NC.

Lou Lou's has beaten globalization at its own game. Not only does the store stil exist on that street corner, today it uses the power of the Internet to enable folks worldwide to shop the designer baby clothes, jellycat items and barefoot dreams selection just as you would if you visited the shop.

Try visiting Lou Lou's Corner today -- either online, or in person.

Bookmark and drop back in sometime.

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