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Friday, August 21, 2009

Need To Promote An Important Event? Try A Calendar

These days it seems businesses of all types are jumping onto the social networking bandwagon to try to promote themselves -- especially to get out invites and updates to let potential customers know about significant upcoming events, promotions, or the like.

These tools certainly have a place, but you could always also try something a bit more low-tech, like a DRY ERASE CALENDAR. It almost seems too simple, too pedestrian. But a new website is selling large calendars, like a DRY ERASE CALENDAR, especially for the restaurant market.

Think about it: who better to market your wine tasting, televised sports event, fundraising night -- or other important occasion than the customers you already have? That's right. You could spend a lot of time trying new fancy ways to bring strangers in -- again, not discounting that -- but why not give attention to the customers who already come in and already have shown you some indication of business loyalty?

That's where a special, large calendar would come in, displayed prominently at your establishment to call attention for folks all of the things you want them to know. Give your customers a reason to come back again!

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