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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Add Security To Your Job Hunt

Are you one of the millions today seeking a new job?

Are you spending your time emailing out dozens -- if not hundreds -- of resumes from all of the different job-search websites?

If you answer "yes," the question becomes, "Is your resume secure?"

A secure resume? Had you not even thought about securing your resume?

It's true, and in today's day and age it's sad to say that you need to protect the content integrity of your resume, so that no one can alter it without your knowledge.

This is a reason you need pdf creator software. Your resume distributed in MS Word format is vulnerable to possible violation. But if you convert your resume from word to pdf, your resume is secure so that you know that no matter how often it is passed from one reviewer to another.

Click on the links in this post to gain access to pdf software.

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